CRDLink Group starts with the tradition to provide with a friendly and personalized hosting services, since there is a lot of companies outside to provide with the service but not the human support, they just want to keep collecting money but are not friendly on any way. Alpha Net is now the owner of that tradition and is now providing with a lot of more features to the CRDLink Clients trying to keep the pricing as lower as possible without compromising the quality.

Company History

Alpha Net is the results of so many years learning from the mistakes, having to deal with Ebay resellers who offered cheap services and then just dissapear with all your data. Evolutioning from a hosting reseller to an Alpha Master Provider is now part of a robust network to provide you with better service.


Our Team

A family operated company with a tradition of quality and service. We're innovating to make our company to grow and give you as a part of our family with all the benefits. Now we're proud to offer as a part of our standard service with the new server technology, the LiteSpeed OS who make the server response faster and robust, combined with our fast response CloudFare plugin to give you even more.