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AlphaNet has acquired a tradition of years of service in hosting solutions to business and personal web sites since 2003. Our internet hosting package helps businesses and individuals get high-powered service.

Many low cost web hosting services can offer low prices, because they limit the technologies that are available for you to build or use on your site. Often these hosting providers offer huge storage capacity as the main 'feature' of their service. When choosing a web host provider, don't be blinded by storage space. Some hosting providers will give you plenty of space and little else. Consider the feature set and functionalities the hosting provider offers. Will they support the technologies that you'll need to build and operate the site that you want?

We guarantee 99.9% uptime! To deliver that, our system administrators have developed powerful load balancing systems and monitor the servers 24/7. We not only offer secure hosting, but also a choice of FREE tools to help you create your website! You get all you need for starting your web project!

Our network is comprised of connectivity from several leading Internet backbone providers and enables us to achieve 100% network uptime for our customers. These providers have been carefully chosen to give us the most diverse connectivity possible. 

CloudFlare is a Content Distrubition Network (CDN) with 4 global locations that will effectively cache your website's content to increase the speed in which your website loads. In addition to that, CloudFlare helps to filter out bad traffic to prevent spammers and hackers from accessing your website. The average website powered by CloudFlare will see a 30% increase in speed, use 60% less bandwidth and serve 65% fewer requests. CloudFlare is a standard option in our services.


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We personalize your web space without compromise your budget. Choose the best package for you and we will provide you with the needed features (databases, subdomains, ftp accounts, etc.) with no extra cost.

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We are always monitoring our servers! if you have any problem we can provide you with temporary space in any of our other servers to keep you on-line in case of a failure. We never had to provide it before.


Are you looking for a pretty and functional website? we have our sister-company MueveteWeb ready to provide you with good and fast service.

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